worldwide air freight

Worldwide Air Freight

Seamless Air Freight service to and from any location world wide. Together with exclusive partner Hellmann World Wide, Ace Express Air can enhance the competitiveness, speed and reliability of every client.

Global Deep Sea Services

Deep Sea container service to and from all parts of the world, guaranteeing low rates and fiscal benefits for all customers.


Logistics & Warehousing

Catering for the ever changing logistical need of Ace Express clients, we take complete control of the supply chain, including collection, storage and delivery.

Ace Freight

International Road Freight

The Irish market leader in the express movement of both groupage and full loads between Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Ace Freight

Irish Domestic Distribution

Irelands premier Pallet Distribution Network, offering an overnight distribution service to and from any part of Ireland and the UK.

Getting ready for Brexit

Key Actions for Preparing For Brexit

The Brexit situation remains unclear as we move closer to the 29th March 2019, whilst we hope for an acceptable deal to be resolved between the UK and the EU. We need to consider the possible effects of the UK leaving the EU without an agreement, a so called no deal exit.

If the United Kingdom does leave the EU without an agreement, the World Trade Organisation route may become the default solution, in which case businesses will have to apply customs, excise and VAT processes to goods traded with the UK.

The following Outlines Actions you can take to prepare:

  1. Obtain an EORI
  2. Declare Correctly the Commodity Code(s)
  3. Agree Clearance Responsibilities
  4. Provide Comprehensive Invoice / Packing list data, citing the Commodity code(s)

Ace Express is Getting Ready


What is an EORI number?
An EORI number is a European Union registration and identification number, for businesses which undertake the import or export of goods into or out of the EU. In Ireland EORI is the same as a VAT number. However, they must be registered as EORI numbers with Customs.

How do I get an EORI number registered?
This can be done free of charge by visiting

For the Republic of Ireland

For the UK

What are Commodity Codes?
Commodity codes are used to classify goods for import and export within the European Union (EU) or outside. The aim of classification is to pay the right tax and duty and follow regulations. If you want to move goods you must have a commodity code for all goods you want to import or export to and from a country outside of the EU.

How can I find a commodity code for my products?
Go to

What is Direct Representation?
Direct representation means that Ace Express files a customs declaration on behalf of and payable by our customers. In order to do this, all Ace need is a signed approval (download the form in the link above). Because of customs and tax regulation, we are obliged to have this approval signed by the owner of the goods and in our possession.

Download the Customs Clearance Authorisation Form here.

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