worldwide air freight

Worldwide Air Freight

Seamless Air Freight service to and from any location world wide. Together with exclusive partner Hellmann World Wide, Ace Express Air can enhance the competitiveness, speed and reliability of every client.

Global Deep Sea Services

Deep Sea container service to and from all parts of the world, guaranteeing low rates and fiscal benefits for all customers.


Logistics & Warehousing

Catering for the ever changing logistical need of Ace Express clients, we take complete control of the supply chain, including collection, storage and delivery.

Ace Freight

International Road Freight

The Irish market leader in the express movement of both groupage and full loads between Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Ace Freight

Irish Domestic Distribution

Irelands premier Pallet Distribution Network, offering an overnight distribution service to and from any part of Ireland and the UK.

Pallet Descriptions

Whilst the Ace Express Pallets Network can handle almost any type of freight, the most common types are standard pallets.

Pallets then usually fall into three main categories:

Full Pallets: These take up a standard pallet space (40 x 48 inches), weight up to 1000 kilos and are not stackable.

Half Pallets: These weigh a maximum of 500 kilos and must be able to be stacked on by another half pallet. i.e. They do not demand a whole pallet space each.

Double Pallets: Often called oversized pallets. These goods take more than a full pallet space and are therefore usually charged at twice the rate of a full pallet.

This is not an exhaustive list of pallet descriptions of course. There are goods that take up 5 or 6 pallet spaces that would need to be declared separately and passed through the Network in a different way.

Presentation of Pallets

It is very important that palletised goods are securely stacked and packed and covered with protective pallet wrap. The consignees address should ideally be clearly visible on at least two sides of the pallet. If the pallet is a “Non-Stack” pallet that should also be clearly written on the pallet and preferably a protective “Pallet Cap” placed on the top of the pallet.

Pallets that contain “Bagged Freight” should be packed in a very specific way to prevent damage in transit. It should be considered that whilst a full truck load of identical pallets of “Bagged Freight” might travel very well together, once a single pallet is introduced into a “Groupage Pallet Network” is should be packaged accordingly. The below illustration makes certain recommendations that should be followed as a minimum requirement.

  1. M Cardboard spacer between pallet and bottom layer of bags to prevent sagging through boards and bags being pierced by forks.
  2. M Band of thick cardboard, minimum 15" around pallet from top of base, to provide extra protection from buffeting.
  3. M Bags must not overhang edges of pallet.
  4. M Bags must be completely and tightly shrink-wrapped.
  5. M Where required, "Do Not Stack" stickers should be prominently displayed on the pallet sides.
  6. M Bags must be "Brick Stacked" in layers to ensure stability.
  7. R On "taller pallets", cardboard spacers between layers every couple of feet will assist stability.
  8. R A layer of cardboard on top of the pallet offers extra protection in the event of top-loading.

Codes: M - Mandatory R- Additional Recommendations


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